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Women With Diabetes Also Experience Problems Sexs

During this sexual disorder caused by diabetes is more commonly associated with men. But it turned out to women with diabetes are also susceptible to interference in their sex lives are becoming less satisfied.

Men who have diabetes have long been known to be more prone to sexual problems, especially impotence. But not much is known about the sexual effects in women with diabetes.

"It is very understudied, especially in women who are older," said study leader Dr. Alison Huang of the University of California, San Francisco.

Based on a survey involving nearly 2300 women aged 40-80 years in California, Huang and his colleagues found more than a third of women who received insulin treatment said it was or very dissatisfied with his sex life.

And about a quarter of women with diabetes who do not use insulin also reported similar dissatisfaction. Whereas in women who do not have diabetes, sexual dissatisfaction was only occurs in 1 in 5 women.

"It's not that women with diabetes are not interested in sexual activity. His interest equal to people without diabetes, but he had more sexual problems, one of which is dissatisfaction," said Huang.

Known women who use insulin more often complain about problems with lubrication or lubrication and orgasm compared with non-diabetic women. While women with complications of diabetes such as heart and kidney disease only have sex about once a month.

Among men, believed to be caused due to accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries that supply blood to the penis, but this does not apply to women. Huang said the overall financial burden of chronic disease and neurological damage may be the cause.

"If you are a woman who has diabetes to avoid complications it can help prevent the development of sexual problems, namely with diabetes follow a special diet and exercise regularly," said Huang.
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  2. My wife has come around to this way of thinking in the last year, and started lifting some kettlebells and doing some recommended stretches and yoga poses. (Oh, and I do the cooking.) After several months of work, she can do "real" pushups.

    And "suddenly" her nagging shoulder pain is gone and her waist has trimmed considerably. Hmmmm....

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