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Five Have Stomach Slender Arms

Almost all women slim stomach ached. In fact, often are willing to do special treatment to get rid of unhealthy fat in the abdomen.

Having a slim stomach is actually not that difficult. Try to discipline yourself through a simple exercise to train the abdominal muscles, as she snacked on a number of foods that help speed up the fat melt.

Here are five of them:


University of Michigan study shows, groups of rats fed a diet containing blueberry consistently for three months of abdominal fat decreased significantly.

In further analysis, blueberry diet also decreased levels of triglycerides and stimulates an increase in insulin sensitivity. This means, delicious fruit with anti-inflammatory compounds may also help fight heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

One study found that obese adults who ate half a category of grapefruit or grapefruit juice four ounces three times a day before eating, lost weight and waist circumference significantly.

This may be due to high water levels that induced a sense of early satiety, which automatically makes them reduce the size of the meal. It also has diuretic properties that help remove unwanted water mass of the body.


Is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Not only has anti-inflammatory properties, which contained fatty acid compounds are also effective in helping to regulate the stress hormones.

Increased stress hormones cause the body to store more fat, especially in the abdominal area. A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids may help prevent an increase in cortisol levels, thereby reducing the potential for fat storage in the abdomen.

Greek Yogurt

A diet rich in dairy food products turned out to effectively support the decay of body fat, especially in the middle. This is important given the role of calcium in regulating how fat is stored and broken body.

Dairy products are also rich in amino acid arginine, which helps the decay of fat while increasing muscle mass. So be sure to include dairy products in your diet. Only, make sure the proper choice of low fat dairy products like yogurt are also Greeks effectively creates the effect of full longer.


A source of vitamin C, which effectively normalize levels of stress hormones or cortisol. Levels of stress hormones that control will help combat abdominal fat storage. If you do not like peppers, you can replace it with another source of vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries, and kiwi.
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