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Simple Tips To Smooth The Digestive System Or Avoid Constipation

You need to defecate on a regular basis so that the waste products of digestion are not reabsorbed into your blood. You can do some preventive measures to address conditions that jammed defecate or constipation
1. Stop snacking habits
Do not eat between meals snack before you eat foods that have previously been completed digested. If the distance between breakfast, snack and lunch too little, your digestive tract will be congested and the food will cause constipation.

2. Reduce consumption of processed foods
Processed food or food packaging has a certain shelf life and usually contain a preservative that is not good for digestive health.
3. Prevent dehydration
One of the reasons constipation is because you are dehydrated. When the body is dehydrated, the colon is the organ that first felt the consequences. A healthy colon has a very high percentage of liquid. Your body also needs the fluid from the colon to support the body's other organs. Therefore you need to drink plenty of water for up to 8 glasses per day.
4. Reduce consumption of foods that are dry
Dry foods such as nuts, chips, and cookies may impede the digestive process and cause constipation. When you eat them, multiply drinking water.
5. Diligent exercise
Exercise can improve blood flow to the intestines and increase gastrointestinal motility. Digestion so smoothly and avoid constipation.
6. Abdominal massage
Give a gentle massage on the stomach when you're relaxing or the state of the stomach is not full. This will make your stomach relaxed and calm so that it can digest food properly.
7. Take a deep breath
Take the time to take a deep breath, the goal is to increase blood flow to the digestive system. When breathing, you will calm the nervous system and is able to facilitate the digestive process.
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