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Bored At The Office Of The Causes Of Obesity

Often bored at work? Be careful! Your potential can be two times more likely to become obese and overweight.

In addition to the boredom, the desire to 'compete' for bringing delicious food to the office during those special moments (a birthday celebration, promoted or increased salaries) also contribute to make your waist bigger. It had been revealed in a survey.

The researchers found that 42 percent of office workers to weight gain as much as 6.3 kg per year due to too much snacking cakes and biscuits during the day. Boredom in the office, a major factor causing the employee to choose an unhealthy snack.

When sick and tired, people tend to choose foods with delicious flavor. Some of them want sweet foods that are high in sugar, in the hope of providing additional energy (though, energy and sugar can be obtained by eating fresh fruit).

The results are quite surprising, the man known to the most affected 'syndrome bored at work' than women. As many as 50 percent of men admitted addiction to snacking, and 30 percent of them feel abandoned and isolated if miss delicious high-calorie foods are presented in the office.

While only 17 percent of women who declared, refusing food in the office is impossible. However, women were more prone to weight gain per year than men. Survey conducted by menswear retailers 'High and Mighty' it shows, half of women surveyed stated gained weight every year, while only 40 percent of men.

"Your weight will surely fluctuate during life, it is not inevitable. But our research shows that body weight is more easy to ride as long as you are still in the office environment," explains Gill Politis, managing director of 'High and Mighty', reports the Daily Mail.

Gill pointed, high sense of solidarity and a competitive desire to bring the most delicious food to the office of the one who became one of the causes. Seeing his serve snacks like other employees, evoke the spirit of competition that seems to indicate, 'chocolate cake I've got better than you'.

"This is the toughest enemy that is often encountered people who are trying to lead a healthy diet," he added.

To cope with boredom at the office, there are actually many ways you can do other than chewing cake, biscuits or chocolate. Every now and then, get out of your seat and move around the office for a while. Able to walk around the office complex, or invite your friends chatting for a while. Physical exercise such as climbing stairs, stretching or listening to music can also be a solution relieving boredom.

Well, when there are friends who bring snacks such as donuts, brownies or pizza, try to eat a minimum. If you have a friend who is also going through a diet program, simply take a piece of pizza and share with the friend.
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