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Reasons Due To Diabetes Revealed Fossil Feces

Lifestyle of modern man is always being compared to ancient human, supposedly much healthier so seldom get diabetes. Now the assumption is proved true thanks to the discovery of fossil feces belong to Native Americans.

Fossilized feces are estimated to last 1,000 years old were found in desert areas in the southwestern United States. Because of the time there were many immigrants from Europe, it is believed the owner is a native who inhabited the area.

Based on the results of molecular analysis, the scientists concluded that the content and feces in the fossil record is very high. Fiber content compared to the modern human feces, the fiber is said to reach 20 to 30 times more.
This difference is believed to be associated with diet or food choices at the time the natives, which is more dominated by pear, yucca and beans. Compared with modern humans consume more and more junk food, diet is certainly a lot healthier.

"When we observe the natives of the southwestern United States, there is a change in diet in the 20th century. They became acquainted with foods that have very high glycemic index," said Karl Reinhard of the University of Nebrasca Livecience.

Reinhard is the glycemic index is a number that indicates whether a food is broken down easily into simple sugars, the range is between 1-100. Southwestern Native Americans 1,000 years ago is estimated to consume more foods with low glycemic index that is 23.

The higher the glycemic index of a food, the higher the risk of diabetes is caused due to the sugar solution can be faster than energy consumption, especially of modern humans moving further apart. This condition can lead to diabetes mellitus or excess levels of sugar, especially type 2.

Genetically, southwestern Native Americans have a higher susceptibility than the Caucasian race in terms of diabetes risk. Therefore, if 1,000 years ago not many who get diabetes, it means his diet is very healthy.
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