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3 Groups Of Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Everyone knows, candy is the main enemy of teeth. But not many realize that, the food is usually consumed daily has the same damaging effect on teeth with candy. Even some pretty serious damage. 

1. High carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta, and cereals.
These foods can interfere with the acidity of the mouth. Each time you consume refined starches such as rice, cereals, potatoes, and pasta make sure that you brush your teeth 30 minutes afterward to minimize starch exposure. However, natural starches such as those found in fibrous vegetables can be consumed freely.
2. High-sugar foods such as pastries and light meals ready to eat some.
not only because they are the starches, but because it contains simple sugars which erodes tooth enamel. Types of foods tend to erode faster email damaging than starchy foods. If you eat snacks, make sure you drink water and gargle with it afterwards.
3. Acidic foods.
Acidic foods is a real threat to dental health. Orange, pineapple and other fruit acids alter the level of acidity in your mouth and your teeth are not profitable. Then immediately rinse the mouth after eating them.
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