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Activities That Make Your Body Height

Each person must have longed for a high and beautiful body, here are some sports that make your body height:
1. Swim:
Swim for 20-30 minutes. Pool reduced effects of gravity and will make you loosen the joints and bones, and will maximize your bone growth as well.
2. Hanging:
Hanging for 10 seconds for the first day, and if you are used you will be able to hang 30-minute dive! This can give the effect of gravity pulling you to force your body to grow.

3. Skip Rope:
Do a jump rope jumping as much as 500x.
4. Run:
Sit back and enjoy a morning run to run as far as 400-500 meters a day. If it is not strong, you can separate them in a day in the period 2x a day.
5. Cycling:
bicycle for 20 minutes. However, set the distance of the saddle and pedal your bike to be pedaled by riding.
6. Massage:
Massage the joint parts for blood circulation.
7. Sleep:
Sleep can really maximize your growth, because growth hormone will increase and formed more leverage when you sleep. Sleep at least 8-12 hours a day. If necessary, any free time you have to fill the bed. I recommend sleeping in straight position and do not face left or right, and also wear a pillow with a size small / short.
Eat foods that can stimulate your growth as:
1. Calcium, Calcium will maximize bone growth. Example: Milk, etc..
2. Protein, Protein will help shape the body. Example: Fish etc..
3. Supplements, use an additional supplement for growth stimulation
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