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Symptoms And How To Treat Intestinal Worms Are Naturally

When young children play a lot then it is difficult to check whether or not they are subject to intestinal worms. But adults can also be infected, although not as much as a child. Although there are in many places but there are more worms in tropical countries and the rain. 
Symptoms of worms
• Worms spiral 
Trigger intense itching around the anus. Constipation and diarrhea can also occur, resulting in weight loss, fever, and cough. 
• For hookworm 
Patients will have anemia and other nutritional disorders. 
• Roundworms 
result in weight loss and intestinal inflammation. Other effects are irritability, restlessness, fever, nausea, and vomiting. 
Causes of worms
The way in consuming food and beverages by hand is not clean and dirty is one of the causes of spiral worm can enter the body. Roundworm enters the body through contaminated food and beverages. Tapeworm, on the other hand, enters the body through the flesh and through the immature dog. 
When someone is running with no bare feet, then it increases the chance that someone is exposed to intestinal worms. Hookworm, for example, enters the body when a person with no walking barefoot on infected soil surface. 
Unhealthy environmental conditions are the most obvious causes. If a person does not live clean and do not apply the correct health is not only the worm can enter the body through food and beverages, but also through a dirty environment. Once the worms are in the gut and feel comfortable living there then they will begin to live and breed. 
1. Coconut 
Coconut has long been used as traditional medicine for worming. Drink coconut oil 1 sm at lunch. Then, drink a mixture of 30-60 ml of castor oil and 250-375 ml of warm milk, 3 hours after taking the coconut oil. Repeat this procedure until all the worms out of the body. 
2. Garlic 
Juice of crushed garlic can kill the worms. The trick with garlic liquid that penetrates the meat away, into the bloodstream and then into the intestines. For those who do not like the taste of garlic can use this method. But if you can hold it, then chew three cloves of garlic every morning. 
3. Carrots 
This vegetable is a potent treatment for intestinal worms, particularly worms spiral. Eat a small portion of grated carrot every morning. Do not add anything to it. 
4. Papaya 
Substances in crude papaya latex called "papain" can kill roundworms in the digestive tract. 
5. Pomegranate 
Pomegranates could kill the parasite because it contains anathematic. Pomegranate tree bark have this substance. Root bark is the best compared to the trunk because it has punicine (the alkaloids are highly toxic to tapeworms) more. 
6. Pumpkin 
Pumpkin seeds are very effective to eliminate the worms, especially tapeworms, in the body. Peeled and crushed 1 sm pumpkin seeds. After that, boiled with 250 ml of water and drink. Note: Before you drink, it's important for people to empty the stomach for 1 day. For cleaning, drink prune juice. Then drink 3-4 glasses of pumpkin juice the next day. 

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