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Mediterania diet causes of pregnancy

For married couples, pregnancy is a tremendous boon. No wonder if couples are willing to do a variety of ways to achieve that goal. This echoed a study that found that women who undergo the Mediterranean diet can increase the chance of pregnancy up to three times.

Researchers believe a diet that involves a lot of monounsaturated fats (monounsaturated fats) such as from green fruit, olive oil, nuts, almonds and cashew nuts can help women to get pregnant as natural as possible.

Instead eat foods that contain saturated fats (saturated fats) such as dairy products and red meat can actually damage the fertility of women. High saturated fat intake has also been frequently associated with low sperm counts.

Dr. Jorge Chavarro and colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health, the United States to observe how some types of fat intake may affect the success of the procedure in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or IVF in 147 women, particularly those in their 30s.

The result, researchers found that women who eat monounsaturated fats have the highest chances of becoming pregnant through IVF to three times higher than women who ate the least.

Conversely, women who ate the most saturated fat diet produce eggs two times less than those eating the least, whereas the number of such cells was the one who determines whether or not suitable for women who undergo the procedure concerned with the tube fertilization.

But Dr. Chavarro cautions that this study is relatively small and the findings need to be replicated in a larger scope before finally recommended to the prospective mother.

"The best fat profile you can find in the Mediterranean diet but we do not know for sure if this diet would be beneficial or harmful," said Dr. Chavarro.
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