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7 Change The Routine For Successful Diet

Most people complain about the difficulty of losing weight despite diet and exercise regularly. You need to make some changes in routine can speed up metabolism to lose weight quickly.

Here are 7 changes in daily routines to speed up the process of weight loss, among others:

1. Increase motivation

Use the tools that can monitor your progress in the exercise. By using a heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch to calculate how much effort you have done, can provide the motivation to exercise harder.

2. Give suggestions to the mind

Many studies which claim that the power of the mind can contribute to health. Give suggestions to your mind often tell yourself the things that can ruin your diet.

Building the negative thoughts to fatty foods and other unhealthy lifestyles that can lead to weight gain. It can provide positive benefits for your efforts to lose weight.

3. Schedule time for yourself

Plan a special time on the sidelines of your work for a workout routine. Most people who fail to lose weight due to being too busy with work and no time for yourself.

You need to create a training schedule on the calendar and you should try to stick with it. One of the best ways to keep your weight is to stay consistent with what has been planned.

4. Increase the frequency of your workouts

If you normally exercise 3 times a week, try adding one more practice session at the weekend. It can burn more calories each week.

5. Exercising in the open

The researchers say that exercise in the morning sun, breathe fresh air and see the green plants can stimulate mood and coping with stress.

Exercising in nature such as biking or hiking can make the mood more relaxed and more energetic body, which can help you lose weight.

6. Consider the intake of calories that you take when eating

You need food to get the calories and energy needed in the move. But you also need to consider how many calories you need to stay healthy. Calories in food intake too much can increase your weight.

7. Laugh and have fun

Scientists say that feeling happy is very important in weight loss efforts. Laughter can reduce stress and create more positive thoughts. As you already know, stress can lead a person to eat too much and cause obesity.

You will lose weight more easily when your mind is healthy and happy mood.
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