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The Symptoms Of Cancer That Is Often Overlooked

Cancer can be a deadly disease. Know the symptoms in the beginning, before you got in a refractory phase. Early-stage cancer would be cured, but often people do not realize if she had cancer until the disease is in the final stages of the deadly and difficult to cure.
• Shortness of breath
One of the first signs of lung cancer are shortness of breath. "I can not even walk across the lawn without experiencing shortness of breath. I think have asthma. But, I do not have asthma before, "said one patient with lung cancer.

• Chronic cough or chest pain
Some types of cancer, including leukemia and lung tumors may cause symptoms that mimic a bad cough or bronchitis. One way to differentiate, cough for a long time, or disappear and return again in repeated cycles. Some lung cancer patients reported if they often experience chest pain that extends up to the shoulder or down the arm.
• Frequent fever or infection
These can be signs of leukemia, the blood cell cancer that starts in the spinal cord. Leukemia causes the marrow produces abnormal white blood cells to shift the healthy white cells and weaken the body's ability to fight infection. Often, doctors finally realized leukemia in adults after the patient several times complaining of fever, achiness, and flu symptoms in the long term.
• It is hard to swallow
Most often associated with cancer of the esophagus or throat. Difficulty swallowing is sometimes one of the first signs of lung cancer. Swollen lymph nodes or lumps in the neck, armpit, or groin

Enlarged lymph nodes indicate changes in the lymphatic system that can be a sign of cancer. For example, a lump or enlarged lymph nodes under the arm is sometimes a sign of breast cancer. Painless lump in the neck, armpit, or groin can be an early sign of leukemia
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