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Some Things That Cause Oversleeping Or Hypersomnia

We know that it is difficult to sleep or commonly known as insomnia are not good for health. So is the opposite, ie oversleeping (excess sleep) or hypersomnia, it is also bad for the body.
Although sleep is an activity that must be met to assist in the rejuvenation of the body, if done excessively, it will have a negative effect on health. The experts also suggest not more than nine hours of sleep each night.

• Sleep apnea.
This type of sleep disorder in which people stop breathing for a moment when you sleep and can lead to increased need for sleep as it makes the normal sleep cycle is disturbed. The patient will feel tired and weak even after sleeping for 10 hours. Respiratory problems began to occur because the walls of the throat tend to stop the move, while the individual is in a state of relaxation (sleep). As a result, the air flow inside the body stops and the individual's immediate wake to breathe.
• Narcolepsy.
Neurological problem that causes excessive sleeping. Narcolepsy affects the brain that controls and regulates sleep. Patients (narcolepsy) failed to identify and distinguish the sleep time to time to stay awake. Sufferers can fall asleep anywhere and anytime.
• Stress and depression.
These two things should be avoided because it can cause many mental health disorders, mental as well, even for oversleeping.
• Fatigue.
Fatigue from working too hard, sleep disorders, pregnancy, or lack of sleep is one of the main causes of oversleeping. When feeling tired, you tend to decide to sleep for longer, even more than nine hours, to try to get refreshed.
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