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4 Types Of Diets Are Not Recommended

When we talk about weight is not going to never-ending. Many dieters who take a variety of ways to get a slim body is a dream of such a diet or taking medication. Many diet programs that promise good results and well and perhaps this makes the most sense. Because this is a healthy diet, but what if the diet is wrong?

In the world of dieting there are four kinds of diets that people often do, but actually this diet is not recommended, because it is bad for your health. Here are 4 types of bad diets.

1. Parasitic Worm Diet
Diet is one is very creepy. Worms that contain lots of carbohydrates is believed to lose weight. Actually this perception is wrong, the worm is quite dirty and can eliminate the amount of nutrients, especially vitamin B12 in the body.

2. Baby Food Diet
The new babies learn to eat normally given strain or mushy food. Vegetables and fruits such as carrots and apples are always crushed. But parents must also meet the needs of the child's protein intake. Therefore a less balanced diet is not well executed.

3. Japan Banana Diet
Diet is pretty simple, one eating a banana every morning. Eat this banana diet can indeed lose weight, but do not have enough nutrients the body needs, especially for work and thinking.

4. The Master Cleanser Diet
Call it the lemon diet, this diet requires you to drink 6-12 glasses of lemon juice mixed with salt. Although the content of vitamin C can help you lose weight, but do not contain the balanced nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein.
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