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7 Simple Tips To Maximize Your Weight Loss Program

Healthy weight loss can be challenging but the rewards are worth the time and effort. The following simple tips will help you lose excess weight and tone up:

1. Set a realistic goal weight
Clearly establishing what weight you would like to be by a certain date is important as it helps focus your efforts. Make sure that you don’t try to overachieve – healthy weight loss is about 2lbs a week. As you see the pounds melt away, week after week, you will have renewed motivated to continue towards your goal.

2. Keep a food diary
If you think you are eating healthy but are still finding it difficult to lose the extra weight try keeping a food diary. Keeping a food diary will help you understand your relationship with food and will show you if you are overeating certain types. Be honest and you will see real benefit from this technique.

3. Eat healthy snacks
Between meals don’t reach for a chocolate bar or packet of crisps, try to snack on fruit or nuts instead. Almond nuts in particular are very nutritious, packed full of protein and help you to feel younger for longer.

4. Eat consciously
Healthy weight loss can be made easier by ensuring that you are actually hungry before you eat - don’t eat out of boredom or habit. Try to sit down and really enjoy what you are eating.

5. Regular exercise
It’s important to exercise regularly, find a sport or form of exercise that you love and it won’t feel like a chore. Go for a walk, join tag rugby or cycle with a friend – the possibilities are endless.

6. Portion control
This is a very simple tip that not many people undertake. Smaller portion sizes are key to a healthy weight loss. Using smaller plates (9 inches in diameter rather than 12 inches) can help with portion control.

7. Get support
If you are struggling on your own why not ask a friend to start their own healthy weight loss initiative. Having an ally can help motivate you and keep you on track. Alternatively seek the help of a professional weight management clinic or club, their expert advice can help ensure that you continue to lose weight healthily.

Remember: don’t give up even if you have a bad day; try to keep positive and just start fresh. You will have weeks that seem tougher than others but just keep going, the reward will be worth all the effort.
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