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Some Of The Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

From some research came to the conclusion, that those who ate the least animal fat has the lowest risk of cancer, heart disease and other chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes.
When compared to the vegan, vegetarian actors tenuous live 7 years longer. Adherent vegan did not eat any meat and animal materials, including non-meat ingredients are obtained without killing such as eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt. While the actors are still eating a vegetarian non-meat animal material.

1. longer life
Conclusion of the research team from Loma Linda University, USA, said compared with the penyantap meat, vegetarian actors live 15 years longer. Another study conducted in England for 12 years, involving 6000 and 5000 meat-eating vegetarian. The result, actors vegetarian who died of cancer 40% lower than meat eaters, who died of illness while another 20% lower.
2. Maintained a healthy heart
Deaths from heart disease is increasing. In this world of heart disease has become the number one killer. This is due among other things the wrong diet, increased levels of blood cholesterol, lack of exercise, and stress.
3. Away from the threat of cancer
One study says Harvard Nurses Health Study alleged meat linked to breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute says women who eat meat every day four times greater chance of developing breast cancer than those who do not eat meat every day. In contrast the risk of cancer in women who ate vegetables daily reduced 20-30%.
4. Body to be slim
In general, more slender-bodied actors vegetarians than meat eaters. The reason, protein-rich vegetables such as bean sprouts, fresh beans, red spinach, cassava leaves, bean leaves, containing fat and fewer calories than the standard of diet. No wonder the actors vegetarian too rare disease associated with overweight such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes (diabetes mellitus).
5. Heaps of toxins in the body will be depleted
Not eating meat help clean the toxins in the body, which can cause disease. Examples: environmental pollution and food additives (food additives) such as preservatives, dyes, and synthetic sweeteners. If you want to start a detox program, the first step is to replace meat and other animal products with fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and juice following vegetables. These materials contain phytochemicals that help eliminate toxins naturally.
6. Protect the body from pollution
Presumably almost 95% of our food pesticide residues come from meat, other animal products, and fish. Especially fish contain cancer-triggering substances (pesticides from agricultural spray that dissolves in water, such as DDT and PCBs) and heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium). Fatty tissue in fish, other animal food also bind toxins making it difficult to erode, although fish have been washed, frozen, and even cooked. Meat and other animal products (dairy products) also contain steroids and hormones. Restrict animal foods meant to minimize the entry of contaminants into the body.
7. Protected from diseases that are transmitted through food
Nearly 80 million Americans each year are affected by foodborne illness, 9000 of them died. According to The Center for Science, 25% of all chicken sold in the U.S. contain salmonella bacteria, while the CDC expect 70-90% of chicken contains Campylobacter bacteria (some strains of bacteria resistant to the antibody). In other words, being a vegetarian will alienate you from the threat.
8. The solid bone
Decrease in bone mass in women aged 65 years vegetarian by 18%, whereas in non-vegetarian women is twice as large. Excess protein interferes with the absorption and retention of calcium, thereby encouraging the body to deplete calcium can lead to brittle bone disease (osteoporosis). Animal protein, including milk, causing acidic blood. To offset these circumstances, the body steals calcium deposits in the bones. Reduction in bone calcium deposits make the bone density is reduced, so that it becomes brittle. Without the need to rely on the dairy, vegetarian actors can get calcium from other foods rich in calcium, such as green vegetables (spinach, leaf katuk, papaya, cassava leaves, broccoli), vegetables, legumes (beans, beans, winged bean), and the pea legumes (beans, green beans, Tolo, soybeans, tofu).
9. Digestion
Eating lots of vegetables means consuming lots of fiber that helps promote junk food out of the body. Mentioned in the conclusion of the research conducted at a hospital in Harvard and Brigham, the U.S., people who consume lots of fiber as eating lots of vegetables rarely suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), and intestinal disorders.
10. You do not suffer from back pain
Back pain can be caused by a disturbance in the arteries, said Neil Barnard, MD, author of Foods That Fight Pain. He said also to eat plant foods, to clean arteries of cholesterol deposits. Excess cholesterol resulted in a blockage, which can lead to stroke and coronary heart disease. Thus, consuming foods derived from plants can maintain the health of your back.
11. Free from hot flashes interference when approaching menopause 
When approaching menopause (perimenopause), women experience a decline in estrogen production. These conditions lead to physical and mental disorders, such as fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, feels the onset of hot flashes in breast (hot flash), discomfort, irritability, depression and other disorders. Several types of vegetables, whole grains (walnuts, almonds), and nuts, especially estrogen-rich soy alamifito estrogen, which can normalize the levels of female hormones. By becoming a vegetarian, you will avoid common problems before menopause, at least reduce these disturbances.
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