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9 Ways To Prevent Overeating

Often we unconsciously eat more servings than they should. Stressed, sad or upset a number of causes people to continue eating and are usually consumed unhealthy foods like potato chips, chocolate cake or ice cream.

If you are accustomed to eating excessive portions, it should be reduced because it can lead to being overweight and even obese can cause a variety of serious diseases. Excerpted from All Women Stalk, here are nine tricks for you to eat foods with proper portion.

1. Eating Disorders

One way to avoid overeating is to eat regularly or provide a menu of food in small portions during the day, such as fruits or salad. It can reduce your snacking habits eating potato chips or junk food when the stomach starts hungry.

2. Do More Work

To avoid excessive eating, you can do many activities. Maybe you're used to eating large meals during the day, then replace that habit with a job or continue certain activities that can take your mind off food.

3. Drink lots of
In order to reduce hunger, drink water every day. Dehydration can make the body 'run' to the food. If you stay hydrated during exercise, hunger will be reduced because the body gets enough fluids.

4. Create a New Routine

Try to do a new routine and trying to get out of unhealthy living habits. Not easy, but if you're patient and continue to live on a regular basis, you'll get used to not eat too much, although are under stress or anything else that could affect the diet.

5. Keep your intake of Eating

Often women eat too much because it affected the mood of boredom or are uncertain. It can make you not pay attention to food intake into the body. Therefore, still keep a good intake for a healthy body and not 'stretchy'.

6. Make a Plan
Create a plan or program to prevent excessive eating for some time. Every plan must have goals, goals that could make you eat foods that are not triggered too much. Continue to train themselves consistent with the proram is being undertaken now. It can change your lifestyle to become healthier.

7. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Maybe your co-workers in addition to always provide snacks at your desk sehngga tempted to eat them every day. For that, you should look for ways to get your mind distracted to eat or snack, such as busying themselves with other activities.

8. Eat Slowly
You can slow down to eat slowly by chewing food to feel full faster. If the tempo slowed feeding the mind away from the desire to consume large amounts of food. In addition, you can better enjoy the food that enters the body.

9. Do not Eliminate the Favorite Food Diet Program
Most women are maintaining the food they consume while dieting. However, not to eliminate favorite foods from the menu, but it's better to reduce the frequency only. Eliminating favorite foods during the diet can cause you to eat these foods in excess at a time.
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