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Breakfast Egg Fight Obesity

Breakfast is a healthy activity and are highly recommended by health experts in the many-State. Choosing the right breakfast and correctly can help prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Many a healthful breakfast menu options include breakfast eggs. It turned out that an egg breakfast is very effective to make people feel full longer. With good nutrients and balance the egg breakfast is one way to fight flab in our body.

A review conducted in England found an egg is the best way to start the day for people who want to lose weight or prevent the accumulation of fat. This is because eggs contain powerful ingredients that can help reduce calorie intake at lunch and dinner.

The scientists said that the eggs are boiled, fried or scrambled with a little oil can make a person feel full longer than other foods consumed at breakfast. These conditions help people avoid taking the tempting snacks.

Dr Carrie Ruxton dietitian examined the results of six different studies for 8 years and showed a consistency of feeling full after eating the eggs and the change in hormones that regulate appetite.

A long-term study also found people who ate the egg breakfast had a reduced body weight was significantly greater than those who ate breakfast cereal, as well as the reduction in waist size.

"While more research is needed especially for the long term, but the evidence is already showing an egg capable of performing weight management," said Dr Ruxton.

Known in each egg contains 78 calories, so help people recognize how many calories you consume, contains 6.5 grams of protein which represents 13 percent of the adult daily requirement.

"Eggs also contain vitamin D which can help support overall health, there are some natural sources for vitamin D in foods so that eggs can play a role," said Dr. Ruxton.
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