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Immediate Measures To Cut Belly Fat

Large waist circumference is not only interfere with performance, but also your health.Women with a waist circumference of 35 inches or more and men with waist sizes 40 inches or more susceptible to serious health problems.

Wide or large waist, usually an indication that you have excess fat in the abdomen. This condition is called visceral fat, or fat in the body tissues. Type of fat is dangerous because of surrounding organs, including the body and cause inflammation. This type of fat has the potential to increase the risk of heart disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Keep in mind, excess abdominal fat in obese people not only experienced or who are overweight. People with normal weight can also store fat in the abdomen. If your body is thin but has a distended belly, then it should be wary because of the possibility of fat that is harmful to the body. How to cope with abdominal fat, can be initiated by following these tips. If you followed a routine and discipline, can be smaller waist in just two months. Good luck!

The very first fat removed from the body when first exercise is fat in the abdomen. So make sure your exercise routine with the right intensity. Adding physical activity in everyday life, although few can help you reduce your waistline.

Sports with quick movement for 45 to 60 minutes is enough to remove the sweat and increase your heart rate. And if done routinely in a week will increase the benefits from the reduction of abdominal fat.

A study published in the 'Journal of Applied Physiology' finding that the motion of intense exercise (equivalent to jogging 20 miles per week) is effective to reduce fat in the abdomen. In addition to jogging, can also aerobics, kickboxing or other activities that increase heart rate.

Avoid Processed Foods

Limit consumption of processed foods, and fat in your stomach will be reduced in a month. Trans fats from fried foods, white rice, wheat flour, fructose-sweetened beverages and fried snacks can lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Advice from Harvard Health Publications, you should immediately remove these foods from the daily menu. To shrink the waistline in just two months, you should also pay attention to portion sizes and calorie intake. Eat 500 calories less than the daily caloric requirement (normally, the man / woman needs about 2000 calories per day). Expend more calories than you eat, can help you lose weight about 0.45 kg per week. The result, waist circumference was narrowed.

Important Attention
Healthy weight loss was 0.45 kg to 1 kg a week. Means within eight weeks, you can lose weight around 7 kg if routine follow the tips above. But do not expect instant results too because it can lead you to a healthy diet and exercise do not exceed the limits.

When is the ideal body weight and waist circumference ratio becomes normal, you should not refrain from exercise and diet program that you have lived. To maintain it, you still have to avoid processed foods and exercising regularly. However, efforts are constantly and continuously, it will always spawn a permanent result.
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