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4 Tips Scrape the Stubborn Belly Fat.

Slim belly dream for every woman. However, with the myriad of activities and lack of exercise, tend to accumulate in the stomach and food produce unpleasant sight in the eye.
Science breakthrough came with the women address concerns about stubborn fat that is in the stomach area. Check out the latest tips you can lose a few pounds of body weight and slimming your stomach like this.
1. Measure the waist circumference 

Having belly fat not only makes you have to hide behind the clothes, but also provide a threat from diabetes to heart attacks. BMI or Body Mass Index is a common tool for measuring whether the weight is within normal limits or is excessive. But BMI is not a suitable tool to measure the circumference of your hips whether or not excessive. Referring to new research presented at the European Congress on Obesity or the European Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France, a sports coach and founder Asyllym Fitness, Matthew Daniels, said: "BMI does not calculate muscle mass than fat."The magnitude of the ratio of waist to hip ratio is more accurate to predict the risk of disease. It was because of the location where the most fat you have is more important than the overall amount of fat in the body. Women whose waist to hip ratio of 0.08 had a higher risk of health problems.

 2. Eat to fat to lose fat 
To enhance your metabolism, a high-fat diet better than low-fat diet, as long as you eat on time. A researcher from the University of Jerusalem recently found that high-fat diets are scheduled properly to burn the fat stored in the abdominal area. Why so? "As well as using money to make money, as well as fat, fat is needed to burn fat," says Daniels.Daniel suggested, eat fat at strategic times such as early morning before exercise to help burn calories. The move is useful because fat is turned into energy that is used for burning body fat. Try to eat apples and peanut butter for breakfast in the morning or add avocado as toping salad during lunch.

 3. The type of fat in the abdomen is also a problem 
Bringing 'overload' in the central area of ​​the body to make you at risk for an attack to Diabetes type-2. But the good news is, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this all depends on the type of fat that you have in your stomach. The researchers used sensors MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and found that obese people with viceral fat (fat around the organs) higher risk of developing diabetes compared with those with more body subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin).To find out what type of fat in the abdominal area a lot, you can ask for medical help. They can recommend lifestyle are most appropriate for preventing dangerous diseases.

 4. Boost the immune system to burn fat by itself 
The immune system play a role in making a smaller waist circumference. Referring to the new study of immunity, had more certain immune system cells in the body can help burn fat, increase metabolism to suppress hunger. Defense cells works by speeding up the metabolism by helping to relieve inflammation in adipose tissue (fat in the abdomen dangerous). One way to boost the cells natural defense is to reduce a few pounds of weight.
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