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Chewing 8 Minutes, Help You Lose Weight

You may need to chew food like gum a few minutes before a big meal to help lose weight. Recent research states that the act of chewing can reduce the amount of food you should eat to feel full.
A team from Wageningen University and Switzerland's Nestle Research Center in the Netherlands conducted a study of 26 people who received the pump tube through the nose and throat to determine the amount of food in the stomach.
Study participants were then asked to chew the food for a minute or 8 minute without swallowing. Thirty minutes later, each participant was asked to eat and the researchers looked at how much food is consumed through tubes have been installed earlier.
The results showed that people who had been chewing up eight minutes before a big meal, eat 19 percent less than those who chewed just a minute.
This happens when you chew your food in a long time, oral sensors provide stimulation to the brain so that the brain think that you have been eating and help quell hunger.
Although the body is not absorbing any one macronutrient of food, chewing has triggered a physiological response which makes you feel full.
 But chewing food for too long can cause a bad taste in the mouth, so maybe you need to chew gum half an hour before dinner to get the same benefits.
Here is another way that is supported by science so that you feel full without having to eat large servings:
1. Choosing the right scoopPeople who eat a smaller spoon eating 21 percent less than people who eat a larger spoon, according to a study from the University of Utah. This can slow down eating and slowly increase satiety.
2. Presenting desserts in a smaller plateThe team of researchers from Cornell University found that people will eat ice cream 31 percent more if served in a large bowl. People tend to spend a dessert without knowing he is full or not.
3. Eating interspersed drinkingDrinking water between mouthfuls of food can slow down eating and increase satiety. Every time feeding food, chew slowly, put your spoon for a moment, and drink for the delay. Eating too fast can make the brain responds to satiety and tend to overeat.

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