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4 Foods That Can Maintain Heart Health

Maintaining heart health may start a healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest is to diligently eating healthy foods. What food should be consumed?One of the main causes of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke is poor diet that triggers fat buildup and blockage of blood vessels throughout the body. So that this condition can be prevented, some studies also recommend that prospective sufferers eat certain foods. What is it?

1. Fish

 A health guidelines drawn up by the European Society of Cardiology in Euro Prevent Conference in Dublin, Ireland, explained that eating two servings a week can prevent heart disease. Eating fish is far better than taking supplements of fish. This is because fish contains several other nutrients that can not be found in the supplement. Omega 3 is believed to be compounds that provide benefits for the heart, but experts have not been able to prove it.This is because fish contains a variety of nutrients such as vitamin D, selenium and iodine, which may also be beneficial for cardiovascular disease. But remember, fishing is not the only way to avoid heart disease. Besides eating fish, you also need to eat healthy foods, not smoking and being physically active.

2. Spicy Food

 Research conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said that the compounds contained in Cayennes peppers, jalapenos and other types of peppers can lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Researchers also found that the chili has a great potential to protect against heart disease.Researchers explained that spicy substance in chili peppers can lower bad cholesterol levels by reducing the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. In addition, Capsaicinoids can also make the muscles relax so that blood flow to the heart.But we do not advise people to eat chili excessive. A good diet is all about balance. And remember, chili is not a substitute for medical drugs that have proven benefits.

3. Skin Potatoes 

Usually, people only eat meat potatoes and discard the skin. But apparently, potato skins are considered trash has a high fiber content that can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduce fat storage. Normal cholesterol can help prevent heart disease and stroke.The skin potatoes should be eaten, because of the high fiber content is very good for people who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. Due to the type of fiber dissolves in water it can control insulin.

4. Greens 

According to research in Sweden, green vegetables can reduce the chances of heart attack by 25 percent. This conclusion was obtained after the researchers looked at the dietary intake of antioxidants 30,000 Swedish women aged 49-83 years. In fact, participants who were found to have the highest antioxidant intake chances are 20 percent less likely to have a heart attack than the low intake of participants.
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