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Tips To Overcome Junk Food Cravings When Dieting

When on a diet, we are sometimes tempted to snack something salty, sweet, or fatty. In fact, even if only occasionally, it can ruin a diet program that we run with much effort. How do I fix this?

The following are tips that you can do to overcome cravings for junk food, such as expressed by experts

1. Chocolate cravings 

Sweet and creamy chocolate is often so his greatest temptation while dieting. Divert your cravings by drinking ginger ale and soy milk are rich in tyramine. It could also sip tea Peko who like chocolate contains theobromine.

2. Alternative dessert 

As I was imagining the joy of cake, focus your mind to pieces. If you get bored with fresh fruit and serve with other forms. For example, the fruit is cut into pieces and given a bit of nonfat yogurt with strawberry flavor. Chopped apples or sprinkle a little cinnamon powder, then baked in a microwave oven at high temperature. Be practical and low-calorie offerings like apple pie.

3. Understand the causes of cravings 

Often the reason for cravings is anger, frustration, or stress. If so, find another outlet like the vent with someone or change something in your life. Reducing sources of unpleasant emotions will get you no cravings anymore.

4. Not the last 

If we say that junk food snacks will be last, we will be eating in excess. Just like to part with those we love. We so wanted to spend time with him as long as possible. The key is to eat whatever snacks with no exaggeration and looking for a healthier alternative.

5. Fight salty food cravings

Bag of chips or french fries for a snack of course very tempting. Replace it with crunchy vegetables like carrot sticks, celery sticks, broccoli, or cauliflower. Although not as good as fried, crispy taste and texture that can overcome your cravings.

6. Do not make food as a reward 

When you successfully hit the target, we often reward yourself to appreciate our hard work over the years. This time, the reward should not be food. Replace only with objects such as clothes, gadgets, or books. In addition to the sense of satisfaction gained, you also avoid unhealthy food.
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