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2 The Most Effective Diet Is The Mediterranean Diet And Low Carbohydrate

To lose weight, many kinds of diet programs have been introduced to the public. The methods also vary, ranging from a low carb diet, low in protein or fat diet, water diet to diet by eating certain fruits.

But effective or not this diet method depends on the physical condition of each person, including how long this diet can be practiced consistently by the perpetrator.

Based on the study of a team of researchers from Israel during the four-year period found that the Mediterranean diet is a diet that is fairly effective and can be used in the long term.

The Mediterranean diet is a diet which recommends the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, nuts and healthy fats such as olive oil. Diet is also dominated by low-sugar foods and low in saturated fats such as butter, including reducing meat consumption.

The conclusion came after the researchers followed a number of participants who were asked to undergo one of the three methods of weight loss diet that is low in calories and fat; Mediterranean and low-carbohydrate diet, and a low carb diet without calorie restriction. 86 percent of participants were male and most were obese at the start of the study.

Within two years, 85 percent of participants were still running the diet program. Even participants who did the Mediterranean diet and the low-carbohydrate diet lost more weight than low-fat dieters, although other dieters also lost weight.

However, when the study is completed four years later, the participants were still consistent with the diet program is only 67 percent. 11 percent have changed the type of diet while 22 percent of participants actually stop dieting altogether.

In detail, participants who lost weight most are participants who use and low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet for six years. The drop reaches 2-3 pounds. However, cholesterol levels of all participants showed significant improvement.

These findings suggest that dieters gain the Mediterranean and low-carbohydrate diet effects on cholesterol levels better than other dieters, including less weight gain back. 
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