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7 Errors In The Kitchen Making You Fat

Without you knowing it, tableware and kitchen space arrangement can affect the success of a weight loss diet that you live. Small errors you normally do in the kitchen, it can sabotage your diet. 
The following seven signs that the kitchen has been sabotaging your diet:

1. Dinner plate is too big

 Most people have the habit to always spend their food and do not leave any food on the plate when finished eating. But people tend to take food in larger portions if it uses a large plate.It certainly can hinder your efforts to lose weight. Use a plate with a smaller size or diameter of about 10 inches and avoid filling plates with high-calorie foods such as meat, but vegetables reproduce.

2. Kitchen lights are too bright

 According to the study, the lighting is too bright can increase stress levels, stimulating excessive appetite and make you eat faster than usual. On the other hand, a few dim lights make someone eat slower and suppress appetite.Usually modern kitchen has several layers of light sources consisting of several different lighting lamps. When you're cooking food, turn on the kitchen light as you want, but when it's time to eat, set the lamp becomes dimmer.

3. Conditions messy kitchen

Dinner leftovers that have not been cleaned, the dishes are piling up, and other conditions that make the kitchen a mess will cause stress, increased cortisol levels in the blood and increase hunger.Unfortunately, one would have difficulty in obtaining healthy food if the kitchen was a mess because they tend to opt for the lazy cook and eat cake or order food prepared between. Therefore, keep the cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen so that you are more excited about cooking healthy food at home.

4. Using improper glasses 

According to recent research, people will tend to drink more soda or sugary syrup if using a short, wide glasses than tall drinking glass and thin. This is because the focus of someone when pouring the drink portions are at altitude.Use tall, thin glasses when drinking soda or sugary syrup and make sure not to fill it up.

5. The fridge is too big 

If your refrigerator or pantry is very large, a person will tend to spend more food to fill it. The researchers found that people prepare food when cooking from a larger container will eat 2 times more than people who prepare food from smaller containers. 
6. Jars filled with sweets 
According to research, just look tempting food alone can make a person hungry. It can also cause the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that produces pleasurable sensations and increase the desire for satisfaction, for example by eating.Place the sweet foods trigger weight gain in an opaque jar and store it in a safe place and not easy to reach. Instead, place the fruit in a basket that is easy to reach to reduce the desire to eat sweet snacks with healthier foods.

7. Putting a TV in the kitchen or dining room

Eating while watching TV shows will make you eat more and more often. Move the TV out of the kitchen or dining room and do not bring food into the TV room or bedroom to prevent overeating and weight gain.
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