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Way to be Able to Eat a Lot But Do Not Make Fat

Most of you who are dieting to lose weight definitely felt bored and stressed due to many restrictions in matters of eating. Want to stay slim without the headache? The way to try food combining diet.Those who undergo diet food combining complain less discomfort such dieters in general. That's because food combining is a diet that not only pay attention to the food intake of the nutritional value but also something more substantial.Food combining body seeking to address and properly absorb the nutrients that exist in one element of food. How to combine with other elements? When is the right time to eat? That is one of the art of food combining diet. 
That's why actors FC was able to eat until full, but without causing discomfort or lead to obesity.

. Food combining familiar with solid-match suitable or not suitable for every element of foods. Details are as follows:

1. Protein (animal) and vegetables: mismatched 

2. Protein (animal) and carbohydrates: not ideal 
3. Vegetables and carbohydrates: harmonious and normal. 
If seen from the above, that have been carried most of the people are eating protein along with carbohydrates. For example, fried chicken and rice or potatoes. And eating is not ideal. Supposedly if you want to eat fried chicken, eat the vegetables.

Why is protein and carbohydrates become ideal if put together? Carbohydrates amylase enzymes needed to be digested and absorbed by the body. While animal protein pepsin enzyme needed to digest. These two enzin not compact. Enzyme amylase will stop when pepsin is produced.

Not only in terms of not only compact the enzyme that makes the protein into forbidden to be consumed with carbohydrates. From the introduction of substances can also lead to nerve problems in the body. That's because protein triggers the production of norepinephrine. This substance makes the body becomes more alert. While carbohydrates causes the body to produce serotonin, so feel comfortable and relaxed.Imagine if taken together, make our bodies chaotic system. Consumption of steak and potatoes does create a sense of comfort, but only for a moment when consuming food.

Therefore, consumption is matched protein (animal) and vegetables. Two combination achieved blood makes PH neutral. Ideally vegetables eaten in the form of fresh (raw). Various enzymes live in fresh vegetables will go and immediately utilized the body to neutralize the weight of animal protein. Surely the amount of fresh vegetables you eat as much protein should be consumed. Do not consume vegetables are often just as decoration.

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