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7 Ways to Avoid Dessert When Dieting

Whether you are undergoing weight-loss diet? Usually those who are dieting often does not resist the temptation to eat sweet foods like dish for dessert or dessert.The temptation to eat this dessert does not just happen when you eat at a restaurant. When at home was the same problem can be felt. Here are some ways you can do to avoid the temptation of eating dessert:

Empty the kitchen cabinets 

The best way to do so that your diet works is by clearing the kitchen of a snack. Do not keep snacks in the kitchen or pantry, because you would be tempted to pick it up. And when you have to go shopping to the supermarket, avoid displaying hallway snacks, such as pastries and sweet breads.

Always finish the main course

Most women who are dieting will always feel guilty after eating desserts (dessert). One of the best ways to keep feeling full without tasting the desserts are to spend your main meal.
Wait 15 minutes

When finished eating, do not immediately take a dessert, wait 15 minutes. Let the food you just ate processed in the body, and you will feel full. Do not get used to eating dessert when finished eating if you want to diet

Watch portion sizes

 Every now and then you can just taste the desserts, but watch portions. The desserts are allowed to eat when dieting is a cake with a very small piece.

Watch your drink

Maybe you've thought to replace the piece of cake with coffee drinking. But, did you know that coffee contains more carbohydrates than dessert? In fact, there is an ingredient similar to cheese burger. Avoid mocha, cream condensed milk (whipped cream), and milk.

Share with friends 

If you have a friend who is also on a diet and want to taste the dessert, you can buy it in small portions and then separate into two parts. That way, you can still enjoy the cake, though limited portion.

Create a schedule

 Life is to be enjoyed, including tasting piece of cake for dessert. Make a schedule of when you should eat dessert, maybe once a week or twice a week. Dieting should not mean eating food you want, but limit and diet properly.
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