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 "The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them." ~Denis Watley
Having an attitude of "I can!" is very powerful.  Setting goals and having a positive mental attitude are stepping stones to success. Creating goals is simple to do yet many of us fail to do so. 
Having your goals clearly in your mind is one of the most powerful ways to accomplish great things in your life.  Without goals you will not have a road map to success, it would be like trying to drive to LA form New York without a map or a GPS system in your car.

Below are keys to achieve your goals & dreams.  If you take these keys to heart you will have the tools necessary to fulfill that which your heart desires.
  •        Write Down Your Goals in Detail

Write down your goals.  Then write a detailed game plan of how you plan to achieve your goals.  Be excited as you write them and believe that you will, in fact, reach your goals in the near future. 
Read your goals daily, morning and again at night with emotion and energy.  See yourself achieving your goals as you read through the details of you action plan. 
Remember, your mind’s eye is a trailer to your life movie in the future, so think on purpose and intentionally.

  •        Keep a Gratitude Journal

When you focus on gratitude you will have a sense of contentment and satisfaction.  Keeping a gratitude journal or what I like to refer to as a thankfulness journal will change your life by shifting how you look at the world around you.

Studies have shown that those that keep a thankfulness journal have less depression and are happier.  Each night before you go to sleep write down what you were thankful for day. 

If one of your goals is to lose weight write how thankful you are for your miraculous body.  This will allow your body release fat easier as your mind will be busy at work creating your ideal body which will then help you to want to exercise and eat healthy naturally.
  •         Keep a Sleep Journal
Every night before you go to sleep, write a few questions in a sleep journal and then when you awake write down the answers that came to you in your sleep.  Then fall asleep being with gratitude in your heart for all the abundance you receive each day.  

Visualize yourself as if you were already living your dreams.   Research shows that the subconscious mind works best when it is undisturbed with thought.  That’s why when you lie in bed or awake in the morning you often have a solution or an answer to your questions. 

For the mind to work magically it needs to be free of negative self-talk that freedom happens while you sleep.

  •        Follow Your Bliss

When you are in a blissful mood you are in energy of creation. You cannot create your dreams no matter how badly you want to if you are in a constant state of self-doubt and despair. 

If you have forgotten what brings you joy reflect back to your childhood.  What did you dream about?  What did you love to do with your friends?  What were you passionate about? 

By reconnecting with your inner-child the youthful girl in you will become a part of you once more.  Each day do something that you love for at least an hour a day. Mark it on your calendar and then follow through with doing what you love.

  •        Walk in Faith

Faith always precedes the miracle and faith without works is dead.  When you walk in faith you are in your power. 

Faith is the opposite of fear. You cannot have faith and fear simultaneously.  If you struggle with faith each day wake up with enthusiasm and exclaim out loud as you look up to the heaven and with your arms stretch out wide exclaim, “Today is going to be a miraculous day!

I am eternally thankful for this wonderful day! Thank you!” Then wrap your arms around yourself with arms of love.  This will set the tone energetically for you to have a fabulous day!

  •         Keep Your Goals In Mind

Keep your goals in mind throughout the day; the more you think about them the more you will attract what is wanted into your life.  As a reminder carry a photo of your goal in your wallet to remind you each time you open it.

  •         Visualize Your Success

See yourself throughout the day as though you have already achieved your goal.  Believe that all things are possible and they you can and will achieve, in detail, that which is wanted, always giving thanks above for the tender mercies you receive each day.

  •         Believe In YOU

Believe in your innate inner power to create you life on purpose.  Focus on the joy of receiving.  Believe in your gifts and relish in all the wonderful attributes you have. 

Think positively as you go about your day and show and give appreciation for all things. This energetically is a vibration of believe, what you are thankful for will radiate powerfully to bring back to you similar wonderful experience

  •         LOVE Your Body

Praise and love your body as though it were a 3rdperson.  Be true to you by respecting you.  If you say you’re going to do something, follow through, and then reward yourself with feelings of accomplishment. 

If you are in a happy state of mind your body will be too, and therefore, will crave healthy foods over toxic junk food.  Your body is always a direct manifestation of what you think about most… What is your body telling you?

  •         Have a Giving Heart

Serve others in your community in need with your time, talents or by monetary means. Do what you can to give of your time, talents or services by helping those in need. 

Charity is one of the most powerful gifts you can offer to those you serve but to yourself as well because the more you give freely and lovingly the more goodness will will come back to you.

By following these simple keys to success you will without a doubt be able to accomplish your goals and dreams.

~Carol Whitaker
Life Transformation Expert & Coach 

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