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Obesity Will Persist If not Treated

Like a disease, the more quickly dealt with faster and greater the chance of recovery, as well as obesity. The longer the excess fat deposited in the body, the more difficult it is back to normal weight. Similarly, the findings of recent research.This seems to be the answer to why people are often frustrated when undergoing a diet program. Weight loss is always back quickly despite being able to remove excess weight before. The scientists found that being overweight can change a person's normal body weight standards.A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that the longer the mice were overweight, the more difficult it is to change his tendency to be obese. Obesity change the point of normal weight to obese rats permanently, making it difficult to back down despite a previous successful.
The research team used mice that were manipulated genes controlling hunger. Enabling this gene right after weaning would prevent mice eating too much and become obese. Mice that maintaining a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet to maintain normal body weight without dieting after the gene is activated.But in overfed rats, weight who already ride can never go back to normal after the gene is activated. Though the mice had greatly reduced food intake and increased physical activity. 

Therefore, the researchers then be doubts whether calorie restriction program and intensive exercise can help obese people lose weight for the long term in the future.If obesity is allowed to continue, will reprogram your body weight becomes heavier. Exact mechanism is still unknown and require much more research.
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  1. Hey, i'm glad to find the topic here. I have more respect for those who took a longer time than others to reach their goal weight. Not that the faster ones are the lucky one but the slower ones are the strongest ones. thanks!
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