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Effect of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables For the Body

Almost every moment of fruits and vegetables on the dinner table. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Kind diverse and can be consumed at any time. Both of these foods are known to help in weight loss and reduce stress.

Vegetables can be processed into a variety of dishes, it can also be eaten fresh as fresh vegetables or salad. Whereas fruit often eaten fresh or made juice and mixed salad. The texture and taste is different, there is a soft, crunchy, sweet, sour and bitter.

According to a medical study from the University of Warwick, found people who eat plenty of vegetables and fruits (7 servings a day), so much happier. The study involved 80,000 people in the UK and observed her eating habits.

Causes of stress varies, can be derived from foods such as fish and meat. Fatty acid content aracinoid acid (AA / ARA) is high, it could lead to changes in mood. When stress appears energipun drained. The content of the natural sugar in the fruit will increase the amount of energy in the body, to reduce stress and depression.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are also a good inclusion in the diet. High fiber for a healthy digestive system can prevent constipation and diarrhea. Although it is consumed in large quantities will not make fat, and gives a sense of fullness for longer.
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