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Carbohydrate Not Always Bad For the Body

People who are dieting to lose weight often avoid eating carbohydrates. That said, the food such as rice and bread is the culprit of obesity. In fact, there are also carbohydrates that are good for the body.

The average person consume 50-65% of carbohydrates in food. In fact, a healthy carbohydrate intake is between 45-65%. However, people often assume carbohydrate diet as a scourge and avoid it altogether. When they lose weight, they feel good psychologically.
In fact, when restricted, people who are on a diet but often break the rules. It quietly carbohydrate meals. As a result, they actually eat more than you should.

Carbohydrates keep your brain, red blood cell system, as well as improved immune function. These compounds as a source of fuel for the body.

There are a number of carbohydrate foods is beneficial for the body. The food has a lower caloric density than other carbohydrate sources.

It turns out not only carbohydrate derived from grain such as rice or wheat, but also fruits and vegetables. Mango, grapes, and dried fruit are a number of high carbohydrate. However, the three also contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, the amount of calories lower than bread and cereals
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