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Diabetes And 4 Common Causes Of This Disease

Diabetes is nothing new anymore and started the familiar. It could be because more and more sufferers or as public awareness increases. Nevertheless, there are still many people who unwittingly do things the risk factors for diabetes.

Diabetes is basically caused by a disturbance in the function of the insulin produced by the pancreas. This hormone is in charge of maintaining blood sugar balance. The way it works is to increase the absorption of blood sugar by the cells. As a result, blood sugar rises to exceed normal limits.

Of 4 types of diabetes, there are two kinds of diabetes most often affects the type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes occurs because the pancreas is damaged because that is not enough supply insulin. The cause is genetic and can be experienced as a baby.

While type 2 diabetes is often referred to as diabetes or have a lot going on as you age.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas can produce insulin, but the numbers were not sufficient because there are complications in the body. These complications can be caused by a buildup of fat in the body that inhibit the absorption of blood sugar causing insulin resistance.

These complications can be caused by many things, ranging from the intake of foods that contain lots of calories, fat, smoking habits to less exercise.

Sweet foods, fatty, high-calorie and lack of movement, all influence the emergence of diabetes. Actually there is no specific foods that can trigger diabetes. Whatever food if eaten in large quantities can lead to diabetes
Broadly speaking,some things that can increase the risk of diabetes, namely:

1. Unhealthy diet
Unhealthy diet will disrupt the balance of carbohydrates and other ingredients needed by the body. Eating foods that contain lots of sugar will increase the sugar content in the body exceeds the capacity of the pancreas.

Excessive nutrients are the major risk factors that can lead to diabetes. A growing number of overweight or obese due to excessive nutrients, the greater the chances of developing diabetes.

2. Heredity
Diabetes can also be caused by heredity or genetics. If you have a parent with diabetes, you should be careful not to hit the same disease, because there is the possibility of genes that affect the performance of the pancreas revealed to the child.

3. Lazy to exercise or lack of motion
Lack of exercise can cause the body's prolonged structural changes and decreased metabolism. Decreased body metabolism will also slow the absorption of blood sugar.
Lack of exercise not only the risk of triggering diabetes, but also lead to heart disease risk.

4.Virus and Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria can also cause diabetes, such as rubella virus, mumps, and human coxsackievirus B4 that resulted in the destruction of the cell. Diabetes is caused by the bacteria can not be known with certainty, but experts suspect bacteria can also trigger it.
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