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5 Snacks That Do Not Make Fat

Likes to eat at night? Do not worry the weight will go up. Select the type of healthy snack carefully so it makes the body healthy. Wheat bread, raisins or fruit salad fit is selected as a snack menu in the evening.

Snacks are readily available, but must also be smart to choose its type. Here are some snack foods are suitable to eat at night, but easy to get too healthy.

1. Egg white
In the egg white contains 40-80 calories. Menus are often presented can be used at breakfast sandwich toppings, scrambled eggs, or boiled it.

2. Low sugar biscuits
Biscuits that contain less sugar from lot to offer. In addition to low calorie and sugar content of milk is also not much. Eat 4-5 fruits at night with a cup of tea, you'll get about 250 calories extra calories.

3. Raisins
Eat raisins can be mixed with nuts. One serving contains about 200 calories a handful of hand. Addition of other nutrients can also be obtained, such as fiber and protein.

4. Bread plus peanut butter
A snack that is very healthy and fit for your diligent exercise. These delicacies contain 250-300 calories, in addition to filling nutrient in it will also make the body healthy.

5. fruit salad
Various kinds of fruits can be included in this snack menu. Natural sweetness that will nourish the body. You can also use yogurt as a dressing. Only about 150 calories per bowl, you can eat at night.
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