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"Life is from within outward and never from without inward. You are the centre of power in your own life… There is but one power in all the universe. Happy is the man who knows this, the greatest of all trut
hs…. The whole thing resolves itself into our mental ability to control our thought. The man who can do this can have what he wants, can do what he wishes and becomes what he wills…"  ~
 Ernest Holmes.

As a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach I have had the opportunity to assist people all over the world in transforming their lives. Many people come to me wanting to lose weight, improve their income, improve their relationships, overcoming personal issues as well as to have inner-peace and more happiness in their lives.

It doesn’t matter which area in life my clients aspire to improve, each and every aspect of self improvement begins by balancing and connecting the body, mind and spirit. When the body is aligned with spirit the mind will receive guidance from spirit, which is intuition, as well as the mind will begin to settle down, thus being able to think clearly and receive guided inspiration from above.

As the body, mind and spirit come together in harmony the body becomes healthier, more energetic and life becomes easier. When the mind is free of chaos and chatter it becomes an incredibly powerful tool of manifesting one’s dreams on purpose.

By embracing your true essence and living through spirit you will be able to more easily release negative self-talk and emotions that have been keeping you stuck, and you will be able to create new belief systems to achieve immense happiness and abundance in all aspects of your life. Self improvement begins with tapping into the power of your mind.


When you harness the power of your mind and have an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation all aspects of your life will improve dramatically. It is truly remarkable and awe-inspiring to experience. When you are happy and think positively synchronicity plays an active role in your daily life, soon you will discover that you have attracted more to be thankful for.

The mind is an extremely powerful tool of creation, in fact, everything in life that is attainable begins with a thought first. The world around you and the things which you enjoy each day began with someone having a thought about it first which was then cultivated and put into action until the thought became a manifested creation.

Your home, your car, your cell phone, your computer that you use each day all began by someone being divinely inspired. Everything you do is preceded by a thought process; you cannot get out of bed or drive to a store without thinking and visualizing of doing it first.

Thoughts become things. You can look at the circumstances in your life and know what your habitual thoughts have been. Are you pleased with what you have created so far? If you are, congratulations! If you are not, don’t despair; realize that your current reality is of past thoughts, so you can create new thoughts of abundance and success by letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you.

Your future can be bright and exciting, filled with wondrous experiences and joy, if you choose to have thoughts on purpose by having a positive mental attitude and appreciation now.


You may ask, “How do thoughts become things?”

All thoughts, positive or negative, have an energy frequency vibration just like radio waves have various frequencies. Strong emotions have the most intense energy frequencies; each thought produces an emotion which creates energy vibrations which then attracts people, circumstances and events which match your frequency. That is why you are attracted to certain people, it’s because your energy frequency match to some degree that of the particular type of person.

The larger part of you is spiritual, you are creator, therefore you can, be, do or have anything you put your mind to. You literally attract everything into your life by your dominant thoughts and emotions. It’s the law of attraction--like always attracts like.

Just as the law of gravity cannot be changed or even questions, it is the same with the law of attraction. That’s why it’s imperative to create your thoughts on intentionally, so that you can create your life on purpose.

Choosing on a conscious level to choose your thoughts wisely is one of the most powerful lessons to learn while on this earth. Your thoughts literally produce your life experiences. Always remember that thoughts become feelings, feelings become emotions, emotions become beliefs and beliefs become reality!

So decide today to tap into the power of your mind and use it to your advantage by having thoughts that bring a smile to your face. Do what makes you happy, look for the good in everyone and everything, and adore all that you are now.

Shine brightly as you tap into the power of your mind and think intentionally.  Embrace your life to success each step of the way.  Believe that all things are possible, and you will be well on your way to living the life of your dreams.

Thank you for reading... As always, if you have any questions feel free to post below or email me directly. I'm here for you as you embrace your journey to success!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Transformation Expert
Author of the forthcoming book
"Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams
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