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Good Yogurt Consumed When Diet

Yogurt is a healthy snack alternative that does not make fat. But not all types of low-calorie yogurt and sugar-free, no one actually makes you put on weight. It is important to note if you're a weight loss program or want to maintain ideal weight remains.
Type of yogurt is safe and what is not good for the diet consumed.

1. How Nutritional Content in One cup yogurt?

The nutrients contained in yogurt depending on the type of milk used in the manufacture of yoghurt. The number of calories can vary depending on the fat content in the milk. For example, one cup (200 grams) of yogurt made from buffalo milk contains 234 calories. This is higher than the yogurt from cow's milk contains only 134 calories. The number of calories can also be different if it is made from goat's milk. Before choosing a yogurt, always consider the composition and nutritional adequacy rate on the nutrition chart on every product package.

2. Recommended Intake of Fats and Processed Milk Products recommended in a day.

Just because labeled low fat, sugar and calories, it does not mean you can eat as much yogurt. Keep looking at the number of calories per day and adjust to what you eat. For adults, it is advisable to consume dairy products at least 150 ml per day. But needs to be higher for pregnant women and children who are growing. So pay attention to how much dairy you already consume in a day, such as ice cream, cheese, milk shakes, and so on.

3. Processed Yogurt, Is Still Healthy?

The benefits of yogurt would be great if it has not suffered too much processing. Yoghurt is too much processed (adding flavor, texture changes, and so on) will miss elements that are important to health, especially in the formation of good bacteria. Important components such as proteins and minerals will be much changed if processed through too many stages. We recommend that you buy pure yogurt flavors are usually packaged in bottles or select home made yoghurt.
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