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6 Causes Of Diet Failure

In order to lose weight, some people always passion to go on a diet. Reducing the size of the meal, picking out food and exercise would have been done. But what if your weight does not go down?Failure to lose weight can be caused by many things.Here are five common reasons causing the failure of diet. 

1. Less intake of Protein
 Make sure that any type of food consumed protein. For example, lean meat, fish, nuts, and low fat milk. To digest protein requires more calories. If consumed a lot, you have to burn more calories each day with exercise so that the food can be digested protein bodies. 

2. Less Intake of Calcium 
The need for calcium in the body must also be met, to help you lose weight. Calcium can burn body fat. But choose a product low fat or no fat. Drink milk twice a day can be trusted to help you lose weight faster than those who do not drink milk.

 3. Snacking 
Eating snacks in between meals only make full temporary. Roughly, you will get 150 extra calories. Increasing the number of calories that will make your diet so it failed.

 4. Diet 
 This one is very important. Maybe you've past the hour to eat a meal or just a snack. Until finally you will spend a lot of food because it feels hungry after a missed meals. How to eat like this will ruin a diet, when hunger foods and portions surely be unforgettable.

5. Holiday Diet on Weekend

For some people a diet from Monday to Friday is enough. Actually if you want to successfully lose weight, the diet should still be done every day. If allowed to enter the body more calories diet plan will fail. Make sure you always adjust your diet every day.

6. Many thought or Stress
When the diet also make sure you are always relaxed. Remove lemon nervous or think of something that can cause stress. If that happens, you will be forgotten by the dietary rules that are running. Make sure you keep cool to prevent overeating.
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