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5 Eating Habits That Makes Diets Fail

Many women weight loss diet. But not being the ideal body shape, even more fat. Why is that? It could be that they do patterns and wrong eating habits, which actually derail your diet. Here it is five diet: 

1. Leaving Stomach Hunger
 Eat when hungry is not recommended by nutrition experts. They were advised to eat before hunger. Eating very hungry because of that, that actually trigger overeating. In this situation, people tend to eat a lot more calories than required limits. This is the reason why the diet is too strict is not recommended, which actually leads to obesity.
2. 'Access' Easy Reach Food
 If your snacks put them on the table, all of these foods can be gone in an instant. Note, if you keep enough food in the drawer and do not look, the food will be longer end. So make sure you do not put the food that can be easily affordable. 

3. Eating in Large Plates
 If you eat a large plate, is likely to take food in large portions, too. Piles of food in the dish, is likely to be spent by you. Actually this is just a optical illusion. If you eat a small plate, you will also feel satisfied, because you will spend on food slowly. 

4. Eating Fast 
Eating slowly make you feel full faster than eating with gusto. This is evidenced by a study. Revealed that when eating slowly, the brain has more time to deliver satiety and tell you to stop eating. To be controlled, chew food as much as 15 to 20 times. And pauses before the feeding again. 

5. Eating While Activity
 Eating while doing the activity makes you not focus on the food presented. So that you continue to eat it unknowingly. Therefore, avoid eating, especially eating a snack while watching TV, working at a computer or reading a book.
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