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Is Appropriate Diet For Pregnant Women

Naturally women who are pregnant will experience weight gain along with the growing fetus in the womb. But weight gain should not be exaggerated.

A new study from Ireland found the pregnant women should avoid foods that can raise blood sugar levels quickly, thereby reducing the risk of weight gain too much during pregnancy.

In this study, approximately 48 percent of women who maintain a diet before actually likely to gain weight than recommended. While 38 percent of women are turning to a diet low glycemic index (GI) is not overweight.

This is because the sugar in food is released slowly into the bloodstream, such as whole grains, whole wheat bread and brown rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice or bread.

The researchers revealed that being overweight during pregnancy is associated with the risk of giving birth by caesarean section, gestational diabetes (diabetes egstational) and a higher propensity for obesity in later life.

Women who are pregnant do need extra calories from foods that are rich in nutrients to support fetal growth. But pregnant women need not have thought to eat for two (eat for two).

Generally, normal weight gain during pregnancy is about 12-15 pounds, and is expected mothers already have a healthy weight when in early pregnancy to prevent obesity.
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