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Every once in awhile a very special person comes into your life for a magical reason that is profound. These earthly angels paths crossed yours for a wise and noble purpose – you were drawn to each other as synchronicity played an active role in your life to assist you on your miraculous journey…. 

You will know who these treasures are by how you resonate with them. You may feel as though you have known them forever, you will feel safe, at peace, comfortable, at home or happy when you visit with them. They will reach out their hand in service and love to lift you up and to help inspire you to become all you were meant to be. Your heart will know that they are, in fact, in your life for a reason. These sacred friends are indeed kindred spirits, that is why the feel so familiar.

If you allow negative thoughts, worries, resentment or anxiety to cloud your mind with clutter and chaos then you will not be able to hear the whisperings of the still small voice within that speaks of the essence of the gift of eternal friendship that was presented to you. 

Quiet you mind by living in the moment with an attitude of love and gratitude. Cherish those who come into your life to uplift your spirit by bringing peace to your soul and who are there on purpose to help you achieve your goals and dreams, it wasn't by coincidence that they came into your life just by chance at the right time and place, they are actually a gift from above to you. 

Rejoice in the tender mercies from above that brought your paths together. Nourish your beautiful friendships by being kind, uplifting them and by being thankful for all that they are in your life. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason, look for the magic and believe that you are always being watched over and cared for by heavenly hosts above. Cherish your true friends and they in turn they will cherish you.

Carol Whitaker
Life Transformation Expert
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