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Strange Diets Are Popular In The Five Countries

Much effort a person to lose weight, ranging from a strict diet, hard exercise, diet pill to perform liposuction. Some countries in the world even have a strange and unusual to lose weight.

Following 7 ways weirdest people in the world do you lose weight:

1. Japan: blue glasses

In Japan, the glasses can not only be used as eye protection from the sun, but also can be used to lose weight. Glasses of blue glass and used when going to eat.

The blue color will make the food look dull, thus reducing excessive appetite naturally. So that helps you prevent obesity caused by eating large portions.

2. East Asia: Soap diet

Soap is made ​​from seaweed species Aoqili are believed to reduce body fat by 20 percent. Its use simply by using soap when bathing.

Soap diet also contains fatty tissues of animals, salt, fatty acids of coconut oil, seaweed powder and aloe vera gel which further research did not contribute significantly to weight loss efforts.

3. China: Diet roundworm eggs

When everyone gives to pet vaccines against roundworms, girls in Xiamen, China reportedly been eating roundworm eggs to lose weight.

The reason is that the worm eggs hatch in the stomach, so the weight will not increase despite eating normal portions and not exercising. But it is known to have serious side effects.

In addition to causing anorexia, roundworm infection can also lead to other serious diseases such as respiratory problems, pneumonia and an enlarged liver or spleen.

4. India: Diet sunshine

In India, some people believe that by spending a lot of time with the move in the morning sunshine can strengthen one's spiritual level and prevent overeating.

But according to reports in India in the 1990s alone, the way this diet has been the reason for some cases of death due to efforts to lose weight.

5. South Korea: Rol face slimming

Country South Korea has been known as a country whose population aspires to beauty. The South Korean women want a slim body and a face that a V-shaped or tapered.

So that the face is not chubby, South Korean woman uses a face slimming roller to give you a massage on your face and melt the fat that accumulates on the cheek.

6. Mexico: Ring magnetic diet

According to the ad in Mexico, magnetic rings diet promises rapid weight loss just by wearing the ring on a different finger every day to target problem areas of fat accumulation are different. The rings are believed to lose weight more than 30 pounds in three weeks.

7. Korea and China: Tonic infant mice

Tonic baby rat is a traditional health drink from China and Korea are believed to cure all diseases, including obesity. The researchers could not determine how the animal carcasses may provide health benefits in the form of drinks, but many people believe it.
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