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Consumption Of Eggs Every Morning To Help Lose Weight

Eggs save a lot of protein. Boiled, made scrambled, or omelet served at breakfast fit. Often egg was associated with elevated levels of cholesterol. A new study shows that eating eggs every morning can help you lose weight.

A study conducted in the UK found that the egg is the best way to release the fat. Because the eggs will make the stomach full longer than other foods consumed for breakfast, such as crisps, biscuits and fast food.

Protein content plays a role in preventing hunger. Because these satiety, then people will reduce calorie consumption throughout the day.

In a study also said that the leucine content in eggs can play a role in regulating protein synthesis in muscle and insulin. If the protein-rich foods included in the diet, is known to reduce the consumption of complex carbohydrates in the body.

Eggs will also help burn body fat. Obviously this will have an effect on controlling hunger. Egg whites are low in calories can help you lose weight.

This statement is also recognized by nutritional consultant. Eggs contain protein and fat will make the stomach full longer. Eggs also have a sufficient amount of calories and fit if eaten at breakfast.

An egg contains about 212 mg of cholesterol, all in the yolk. Total cholesterol is not to exceed the recommended intake is about 300 mg per day.

It is true that if taken too much can raise cholesterol levels. However, a study showed that eating 4 eggs or more per week showed no increased risk of heart disease.

In addition to cholesterol, egg yolks also contain vitamin D and folic acid. Egg yolks are orange due to the natural pigments from plants that Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Both of these pigments can maintain eye health, muscle formation and helps the absorption of protein
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