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Tricks From The Experts So That The Stomach Is Distended

All people must have longed for a flat stomach is distended and to support his appearance. To get this, there are some tricks that the stomach does not go ahead.

"The cause of belly fat is not because the organ in it, but mostly due to overeating. So to prevent it is to not eat too much," said Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK.

Dr Samuel said another cause stomach to be bloated because of the lack of physical activity. For that try to do regular physical activity to help burn more calories.

Meanwhile there are also other activities that can be done to keep the fat in the abdomen so as not to accumulate and become distended, as do the gym, pillates, doing aerobics, or hire a personal trainer in order to know which exercises the right to prevent bloated stomach.

But besides these ways, some people sometimes do surgery known as gastric or gastric by pass as that of one of the judges of American Idol, Randy Jackson.

Randy is known to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2003, this action did after he was diagnosed with diabetes. Randy is known to be overweight finally chose this way.

"In my family there is a diabetic, and I was afraid if I do not really have a healthy body, so I'm doing something drastic," Randy said, as quoted from

Randy said after gastric bypass surgery she remained on a diet and exercise, because he realized two things really work well. Having managed to lose weight, she has felt more energy.
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