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Causes and How to Cope With Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath, usually appear suddenly or unexpectedly, Shortness of breath is a symptom of an illness requiring a doctor's attention. Shortness of breath can be caused by various diseases, such as asthma, blood clots in the lungs and pneumonia. There is also due to shortness of breath during pregnancy.
Causes of Shortness of Breath
Oxygen is the main energy source, it is absolutely necessary in abundance so that each cell can metabolize. Some causes of shortness of breath include:

• Shortness of breath is due to factors Heredity
Have lungs and respiratory organs are weak. Plus work fatigue and nervous, then the body parts will start functioning abnormally. The good news, this does not automatically make the body suffer, because it will naturally protect themselves. However, the defense system of extra work, sometimes even allergies and asthma arise as a reaction of the immune system is overworked.
• Shortness of breath is due to environmental factors
 Cold and humid air can cause shortness of breath. Similarly, the pollen (pollen) and other particles. Working in a dusty environment or smoke can trigger prolonged shortness of breath. Pollution of the nasal passages caused by a cigarette which is also directly reduces the oxygen supply.
• Shortness of breath due to excessive mucus production
Excessive production of mucus will clog the airways. Foods that cause excess mucus production is a product of milk, flour, white rice, and sweets. Shortness of breath due to lack of fluids. Shortness of breath due to lack of fluid intake so that the mucus in the lungs and respiratory tract thickens. This condition is also a pleasant situation for microbes to breed. Problems on a bone or muscle tension in your upper back will inhibit nerve sensors and bio-energy and from the lungs.
• Shortness of breath due to emotional instability
People are anxious, depression, fear, low self-esteem tend to often hold their breath. Or inhale it too often and so shallow panting. In time, these habits affect the production of adrenal glands and hormones, which are directly related to the immune system. Less education may also cause shortness of breath. Knowledge of how breathing is good and right in the long run will benefit both the physical and emotional person.
How to cope with shortness of breath
If you experience shortness of breath, do the following exercises can help relieve your breathing. Do this exercise twice a day, five to ten minutes until you get used to it.
• Respiratory abdominal
Lie down comfortably and put a pillow under his head. Bend your knees and relax your stomach. Press the stomach with one hand gently but loud enough to create pressure. Put your other hand on the chest. Then breathe slowly from your nose using your abdominal muscles. Hand is on top of the stomach should be removed at the time of breath and put it back on the out breath. The other hand remained on the chest and try not to move.
• Breathing through the mouth
You have to make a whistling sound when you breathe out slowly. Breath is discharged through an advanced lip breathing will slow down and help remove the old air trapped in the lungs. While doing the breathing through the mouth during exercise, take a deep breath before moving, and waste of breath on exertion.
How to cope with shortness of breath with traditional medicine / herbal medicine:
Basil leaves are commonly used as vegetables or as eliminate the fishy smell. It was not only that, basil is also efficacious to overcome the shortness of breath, whooping cough, and rheumatism. Here's how mixes.
• Take the basil leaves to taste.
• Squeeze, squeeze until blended, then give 1 tablespoon oil.
• Squeeze the oil back to the ground and basil together.
• Apply the mixture to the chest, neck, and back. Not so long ago, herbs will react and shortness of breath will decrease.
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