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Good Food to Keep Your Bones Healthy and Strong

Having a healthy and strong bones, is ideal for everyone. Eat foods which precise can keep the bones grow healthy and strong. In addition to proper diet, exercise and sunlight is also another important factor..
Foods that are good for bone health is basically composed of two things, namely calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is an essential mineral for the body to function properly, and calcium stored in bones. Vitamin D is needed by the body to absorb calcium. Not getting enough calcium in the diet can cause bones to become brittle, which makes you susceptible to fractures and bone-related diseases.

Here is a good food to keep your bones healthy and strong:
1. Milk
Everyone would have understood that milk is good for bone. One cup of milk has about 30 percent of the calcium you need each day. In addition, the milk sold in stores are usually fortified with vitamin D, so as to have two properties at once.
2. Dark green leafy vegetables
Dark green leafy vegetables, like spinach, and watercress is a non-dairy sources of calcium are good. But please note that the spinach (usually included in this group of vegetables) contain oxalic acid, which can make the calcium is not absorbed by the human body.
3. Salmon
Vitamin D, which is important for your bone health, rarely found in nature. Fatty fish, like salmon, probably the best source of vitamin D derived from nature. Just one serving of salmon will give you all the vitamin D needed in a day. In addition, if you eat canned salmon, salmon bones that have been eaten too soft would come, and the bone was filled with calcium.
4. Almond
Of all the nuts you can find at your local grocery, almonds have the highest amount of calcium per serving. You can get the same benefits of calcium from the almond butter. And as a bonus, almond butter has a low cholesterol and high in protein and fat than peanut butter.
5. Cheese
It's quite simple: Cheese made from milk. Milk has a lot of calcium, meaning cheese also has a lot of calcium. Besides the cheese is available in various types of living you choose which one you like. Mozzarella has a very high amount of calcium. For a healthy choice, try a cheese made from skim milk.
6. Yogurt
Yogurt is an ancient culinary products, has a long history began around 2000 BC. Because the process of preparing yogurt, these foods also contain more calcium than milk. In addition, if you have problems with milk, for example, always diarrhea every time I drink milk, can be replaced with yogurt. Incidence of diarrhea is caused by lactoce intolerence. The cause is a deficiency / lactose-digesting enzyme deficiency. So every time I drink milk, lactose granules will be left on the surface of the hole and the small intestine absorbs water from the surroundings which then led to diarrhea. In yogurt, milk lactose is broken down by "good" bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus through the fermentation process, until absorbed.
7. Tuna Fish
Tuna is the other fatty fish are loaded with vitamin D. Healthy fish also contain other beneficial nutrients such high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. And because it comes canned, it's easy to find, easy on the wallet, and simple to add to your diet.
8. Eggs
Eggs contain a good amount of vitamin D and can improve your bone health. Vitamin D is found in egg yolk only, so if you only eat egg whites only, the benefits of vitamin D will not you get.
9. Broccoli
Broccoli is a source of vitamin D than milk and dark green leafy vegetables. Almost equivalent to the calcium content of calcium in a glass of milk (71.8 mg calcium Broccoli with 120 ml of milk of calcium). And broccoli are not only for bone berkhaiat course, also a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and nutrients that contain cancer-fighting properties.

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