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The Causes And Characteristics Of The Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer. The cervix is ​​located at the lowest position of the woman's uterus. Most of the uterus is located in the pelvis, but part of the cervix is ​​located in the vagina, where it connects the uterus to the vagina. Cervical cancer occurs when cells of the cervix change in ways that lead to abnormal growth and invasion of other tissues or organs. As with all cancers in general, cervical cancer is much more likely to be cured if detected early and treated promptly.
Human papilloma virus (HPV)

Human papilloma virus or HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer. There are different types of HPV. But there are other types of HPV are considered 'high risk' for cervical cancer. HPV is derived from person to person through sexual contact. Women who develop cervical cancer has experienced a previous infection by the HPV virus. High-risk HPV types can cause changes in cells covering the cervix which makes them more likely to become cancerous in time.
Women who smoke are more likely to get cervical cancer than those who do not. The pill may increase a woman's risk of cervical cancer. It is unclear why this is. Women with weak immune systems are also more likely to get cervical cancer, as well as those who have had children in large numbers.

The characteristics of cervical cancer

Pap smear is a screening test to check for changes in cells of your cervix that may develop into cancer later. This is a fairly simple procedure where a sample of cells collected from your cervix and sent to a lab for analysis. This test takes just a few minutes and can be done by a nurse or doctor.]

When cervical cancer progresses, the symptoms begin to appear. 
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, including post-coital bleeding
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain in the pelvis
  • Vaginal pain
  • Pain during urination

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