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"Cherish your visions and you dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."
~Napoleon Hill
There is always light shining brightly before you along your journey of life guiding you each step of the way to become the magnificent being you were designed to be.  Each of us has pure positive energy and light within, it's only through our negative, shameful thoughts, feelings and actions that the glorious light dims to but a flicker causing us to wander astray loosing site of beautiful path before us.

You must believe in you in order to improve your quality of life and level of happiness.  Life was meant to be filled with joy and love, not pain, bitterness and suffering.  Your perception of what is either makes or breaks you. How do you feel most often?  Are you optimistic or pessimistic?  And do you really know what your heart desires?  Do you comprehend where you are now and you want to go?


Dream, big dreams! Let go of ill feelings and jealousy that inflicts deep subconscious self inflicting wounds which scars your soul.  Negative thoughts and emotions literally block that which you long for to come to you, take control of your mind and believe in you!

Believe in the power of your abilities to intentionally manifest the life & body of your dreams.  You were created to have immense joy and abundance in all areas of your life.  Release resistance of what is wanted by keeping an open heart and mind to see the radiant light before you... The light is a light of creations, when you are truly happy and content you are in a vibration of creation.  To skyrocket you desires seek the goodness which you long to see and look for the light the guides your way.  Realize that the light shines brightest when you are in vibrational harmony with your higher self and God. 

Today allow yourself to forgive and forget freely, bless those who you have ill feelings towards, including yourself.  Have a positive attitude of love, thankfulness and happiness.  By choosing to be happy you will have a happier day.  Pay close attention of those you associate with, they in turn will mirror you as you greet them with a smile.  You are the master of your mind; therefore, you are the Creator of your life of both wanted and unwanted experiences. 

Cherish your True Essence, believe in your visions and dreams to allow your heart's desires to manifest before you.  It may seem too simple but it takes constant practice to develop a controlled mind to enable you to visualize, without resistance, the life of your dreams in faith knowing that through God, who is the ruler over your Universe, ALL things are possible! Embrace Your Journey to Success!

-Carol Whitaker

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