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Sexual Stamina Enhancer Food

Since ancient times has been widely known natural ingredients or food passion sexualities stamina enhancer, whereas in the modern era we meet today many materials or sexuality stamina potions adder with a chemical that is sometimes not good for our bodies.

Though a lot of material or natural food around us are very good as stamina enhancer sexuality, the following is the substance or the food:


Chocolate has been known as a stamina enhancer for men to matters of sex. Undeniably sensual delicacies which it contains theobromine, a substance which is equivalent to caffeine. Also rich in phenylethylamine, which is believed to improve the feeling of love and relaxation. Eating chocolate when the liver can help counteract anxiety. Pure chocolate contains anti-oxidan useful for the immune system. Eating chocolate before making love, romance can make the atmosphere more fiery.

 2. CLAM

Clam is a food rich in iron. These substances can only increase the number of morbidly sperm and testosterone production, but when joined with dopamine, a hormone which is also found in shellfish, increased sexual desire.


Garlic is known to have many benefits, although tends to smell pungent. Contains allicin which can improve blood circulation to the entire body, including the sexual organs. Garlic is also able to increase libido. Nowadays many garlic extract product that is packaged in capsules on the market.


This tropical fruit contains an enzyme known as bromelain, which is believed to increase and improve the male libido. Bananas are a source of potassium and Vit B like riboflavin, which can increase the body's energy.


Honey is required that can not be abandoned. The form is similar to jelly with a sweet taste, honey is easily digested cause. Honey is believed to add strength, especially when coupled with the egg yolks and pepper.


This delicious fruit can increase sexual desire. Folic-acid content of its smooth protein metabolism and increase the body's energy. Merging two essential elements of avocado, Vit B6, nutrients that help increase male hormone production and potassium to help expedite the thyroid gland, is believed to increase libido in men and women.

 7. EGGS

Eggs did not immediately increase sexual arousal, but the eggs are the main source of Vitamin B6 & B5 which helps improve the balance of hormones. Eggs are also able to reduce levels of stress and make the person feel relaxed.


Regularly consume liver, which is believed to increase libido begins to drop. How to consume is as usual, mixed with pepper & garlic.


Two of these foods that are consumed will increase body heat, like when someone is doing romance. However, behind it, chili & pepper to the blood flow to the body feel more fit.
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