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How to Prevent and Cope With Thrush

Until now the main cause of the Thrush is not known. However, experts have suspected that a lot of things that cause canker sores, including: 
• Eat foods that are too hot 
• Eat hot, then after that once ate cold food 
• hormonal or systemic disease. 
• Stress. 
• Injuries caused by biting 
• Injuries caused by dental fillings or dentures 
• Lack of vitamin 
• The possibility of viruses and bacteria 

Thrush can still be prevented. If you know the cause of course you can anticipate to prevent thrush. Therefore you should do: 
1. Frequent brushing your teeth, so that oral hygiene is always maintained. If less clean the mouth, the risk of being infected by bacteria / viruses can be higher 
2. Much to drink, so that the water rinsed the mouth more often, so as to minimize dirt lodged in the teeth / mouth 
3. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash, such as betel leaf boiled water or mouthwash products that we can easily find at a pharmacy or supermarket. But not its frequency as well, because it can make the microorganisms become resistant 
4. Increase endurance, by way of adequate rest, exercise and eat nutritious foods 
5. Avoid stress 
Thrush treatment aims to reduce symptoms caused, here are some ways to cope with canker sores: 
1. Gargling with warm salt water. 
2. Gargling with mouth wash containing thymol glyserin to reduce discomfort, or gargle with antiseptic containing chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine 
3. Mechanical protection in the form of paste or powder preparations containing sodium carmellose, or gel preparations containing triamcinolone acetonide 0.1% (you can buy at pharmacies). 
4. To reduce the pain can be used analgesics such as salicylates, which serves to overcome the local irritation and sores.
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