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Acne Prevention Diet

Acne is a skin health problem still not finished. Acne medicine or skin care is expensive does not guarantee could effectively treat acne. Dietary factors have contributed greatly to the appearance of acne. Including, aggravate acne conditions. The main trigger of acne is the condition of follicular hyperkeratosis (proliferation), which leads to blockage of the follicle and inflammation. In fact, the food you eat every day contribute to this process.

Foods to be avoided to prevent the appearance of acne is a sweet foods, excessive consumption of dairy products and grain products. Here is a food you should eat, which is very good for preventing acne:

1. Vegetables and fruits with high water content

Vegetables with high water content, can help reduce the appearance of acne. Water is the key to stop the blockage and remove toxins that can trigger acne. To that end, multiply the consumption of fruit and vegetable water level such as cucumbers, watermelons, carrots, kiwi, and tomatoes.

2. oyster

This food is known to increase sexual desire. The other benefit is being able to cure acne because the content high zincnya. Zinc helps control the release of hormones trigger acne.

3. yogurt

Dairy products are known to trigger acne. However, the content of the good bacteria in yogurt can help prevent bad bacteria triggers the formation of acne. It would be better if you eat plain yogurt and add fresh sliced ​​fruit, like bananas or apples.

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  1. These are really very effective Diets for acne prevention and fish oil is also effective in acne problem.