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Foods For Ulcer Patients

The ulcer patients are advised to consider the foods that reduce stomach pain attacks. In addition to neutralize stomach acid, these foods can also give a longer sense of satiety.
A good source of carbohydrates and is able to provide a sense of fullness of time. Mashed potatoes or potato juice is alkaline in the morning worthwhile to neutralize the stomach acid before you eat other foods.

Potassium, in addition to melon, papaya and tomato. Potassium contained in fruits are beneficial to balance the pH (acidity) in the stomach. Bananas are also able to give very good feeling of satiety between meals consumed. In addition, bananas are also rich in potassium, which can normalize blood pressure due to increased stress attack.
A source of potassium and sulfur are good. Sulfur could act as protective antioxidants in the skin layer of the stomach. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C is good for maintaining stamina. Other foods that contain sulfur are red onions and garlic.
Chicken Porridge
For patients with acute gastritis is very useful to prevent and alleviate pain attacks. Should avoid offal skewers are difficult to digest, but as a flavor enhancer may be added to a boiled egg, soy sauce and a little cracker.
Aloe vera
Useful to relieve heartburn and accelerate wound healing. content has antiseptic abilities, while the content of anthraquinone and efficacious as antibiotics, painkillers and stimulates new cell growth on the skin. In addition, the content of mucopolysaccharide in the aloe vera is also useful for recovering inflammation, including inflammation of the digestive tract, and arthritis.
Chewing Gum (not to be eaten)
Chewing activity can stimulate the production of saliva which is alkaline so as to neutralize stomach acid. In addition, the increased production of saliva can also increase stomach cleanup efforts.
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