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We all struggle with our emotions now and again, but some of us struggle more than others and are stuck in a rut of feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, fear, anxiety and pain. If you are one of the many who struggle with negative thoughts consistently or feel sad most often it’s okay, you don’t have to live continue living that way.

You can change your life to become happier, have inner-peace, joy and love just as your heart longs for.  You can transform your life no matter what your past, how you were raised or what your current circumstances are. You have the ability to change any aspect of your life that you choose to.


Transforming our lives is much like baking a delicious cake.  Anyone can make a cake but not everyone has the proper ingredients to make one from scratch. To make a decadent cake you need the following: the right ingredients, a mixing bowl, a mixing spoon, a baking dish, an oven and then of course the delicious icing to decorate the cake. 

Creating and attaining your goals and dreams is very much like making a decadent cake.  Your thoughts are the ingredients needed or otherwise the details of your dream.  You have to have to have the proper ingredients to mix together to create the mouth watering dessert.  You must have powerful positive thoughts to have the correct ingredients to create your delicious dessert.

 However, you can have all the ingredients set out in front of you but if you don’t believethat you can have that which you wish for then you can’t mix the ingredients together, your belief is the mixing bowl needed to mix the ingredients together.  

Once you come to believe in your dreams and let go of the past then you can mix the ingredients and pour it into the baking dish, which is the faith needed for baking your creations or for manifesting your dreams. The mixing spoon is the visualization which is essential to thoroughly mix the ingredients prior to pouring it into the baking dish.

And the oven is the faith which is required for your dreams to come true. Faith is “believing” that your dreams can and will come true.  Without faith you might as well be content dreaming your life away rather than living your dreams.  

When you finally let go of the self-doubt and allow your heart to lead your way you will open yourself up to your higher-self, the larger part of you which is the baking process of your creation.  As you come to believe and know that Heavenly Father is in the details of your life you will naturally release the desire to want try to figure out how your dreams will come to fruition, which is resistance which blocks your drams from coming to fruition. By seeking for that which you want to see you will open yourself up to the art of allowing, and that is when the real fun begins!

Your thoughts have energy which heats the oven to bake your cake.  When you are able to let go of the past once and for all you will be able to dream big! And when you dream you will have the natural desire to take the needed action to bring your dreams into reality.  Ah, and then you begin to have hope in your dreams which leads to belief and then faith believing that dreams really do come true.. 


Soon you will begin to manifest with ease and with less effort as synchronicity begins to play an active role in your daily life.  You will be able to create and manifest your dreams with less effort as Tender Mercies play an active role in your life each day bringing about the miracles needed to make your dreams a reality. It’s the Law of Attraction in action.

Once you embrace the art of allowing you are able to take the cake out of the oven at the perfect moment, setting it aside to cool down, and then ice it to give it the final finishing touch making it pleasing to the eye and delicious to the taste.  The icing on the cake is receivingthat which you asked for it is the art of manifesting your dream.


Do yourself a favor and stop negative thinking, negative thoughts are trash in your mind that has kept you stuck in your habitual low self-doubt.  Who wants to carry garbage around with them? I sure don’t and neither should you! So allow yourself to let go of the negativity about you or that which you feel about other by forgiving those that hurt you, including yourself, and by believe in the divinity that resides within you.  You already have the key to success in your hand all you have to do is believe in your ability to unlock the door that stands before you to receive all that you wish for.   

Allow the Law of Attraction to work for you in your daily life by thinking about what you want, in detail. Let go of negative thoughts. Praise and appreciate others. Give thanks to the good Lord above in advance for that which you desire.  Giving thanks in advance is a powerful energy of faith. And then take inspired action. Faith without works is dead. Move forward each day towards achieving your goals and then relish in the beautiful gifts that lead you to receive that which you asked for.

It really is that simple, all you have to do is get your limiting thoughts out of the way and allow your body, mind and spirit to come together to do it’s magic.  It’s a wonderful way to live each aspect is touched by the rippling effect of your positive thoughts.  Dare to dream big and then allow the Lord to guide your pathway before by walking in faith.


If you need assistance learning how to release limiting thoughts I'm here for you. Please visit my website at to learn more and to contact me personally. I would be honored to be your Life Coach and assist you in changing your life.  

As an intuitive Life Coach I can help you by reading your energy to aid you in understanding where it is that you’re stuck. You can learn in-depth how to transform your thoughts to become that which you want to be, do or have in your life.

You really can change your life and create the life of your dreams! You deserve to feel good, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be loved and to have immense abundance just as you are. Believe in all that you are, you are magnificent!

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